Why do lithium iron phosphate batteries have a racker style appearance?

thium iron phosphate batteries can meet different application needs through different structural designs and assembly methods, and have strong plasticity. The racker style energy storage lithium battery uses long-life and environmentally friendly lithium iron phosphate batteries, and is equipped with a high-performance BMS to effectively manage the battery cells. Compared with traditional batteries, it has a wider range of performance and application advantages.

Why are lithium iron phosphate batteries made into racker style batteries?

This is a question that many customers have asked. Racker style batteries are mainly used in computer rooms where space is at a premium or customers who have professional cabinets. The racker style appearance of the lithium iron phosphate battery is to facilitate installation and maintenance. It is made into a racker style to save space and facilitate installation, maintenance and inspection. Because the lithium battery UPS host is also a racker style design, the battery and the host can be installed and arranged in a unified manner.

Racker style design battery modules are usually installed within a racker style structure to save space and facilitate installation. The racker style design also facilitates the consolidation and management of multiple battery modules.


IHT racker style lithium battery pack have the standard dimension for rack cabinet installation. Cabinet lithium iron phosphate batteries module can provide reliable backup power for access network equipment, remote switch, mobile communication, transmission equipment and other systems The battery have BMS integrated structure design, intelligent centralized monitoring and standardized cabinet installation. The product can realize multi-group parallel connection and provide flexible and effective power system solutions for telecommunication operators. it is higher cycle life and lower cycle cost.

Post time: Oct-09-2023