What is a home storage system?

Global energy issues are becoming increasingly prominent, and people’s calls for clean energy are getting louder and louder. In recent years, the cost of photovoltaic energy storage systems has been gradually reduced, and the technology has been continuously optimized. In this environment, the home energy storage model of photovoltaic + energy storage has developed rapidly and attracted much attention.

 Home energy storage (or household energy storage) can be understood as a micro energy storage power station in the home scenario. From the perspective of power supply mode, the traditional power system is “centralized energy supply”, while household energy storage equipment provides a new idea of ​​”distributed energy supply”, which can be used for emergency, outdoor and other scenarios, and by taking advantage of the peak-valley electricity price difference to save money. Provide solutions to your electricity bill needs. During low periods of household electricity consumption, the battery pack in the device is in charging mode to prepare for power outages or peak periods of electricity consumption, and its operating status is not affected by urban power supply pressure. Different from common fuel generators, household energy storage equipment uses ternary solid-state lithium batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries as the power source, and is used with photovoltaic systems such as solar panels. In addition to being used as an emergency power source, home energy storage systems can also save household electricity expenses because they can balance the power load. Whether considering the economic benefits of use cost, safety of use, or stability of power supply, household energy storage equipment has advantages.

How to choose a suitable home storage system

As the most important component of the home energy storage system, the energy storage battery is an indispensable energy storage component of the solar photovoltaic power generation system. Its main function is to store the electrical energy of the photovoltaic power generation system and store it when the amount of sunlight is insufficient, at night and in emergency situations. Provide power to the load. So how should you choose a home smart energy storage system? The editor thinks that the following three factors should be considered.

 1. Safety

Because the home energy storage system is for home use and is a power generation system. Safety of use is the first factor. Commonly used energy storage batteries include lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The safest among them is the energy storage system of lithium iron phosphate battery. Because of its high ignition point and stable structure, it can maintain good performance even at high temperatures. Manufacturers that pay attention to safety issues will also be equipped with BMS systems to provide multiple protections for battery cells to prevent many potential hazards such as overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, and overload.

2. Intelligence

Home smart energy storage system, if the system is smart enough, it can be used very conveniently and worry-free. Whether there is an energy management system, it is important to be able to see the charging and discharging status at a glance every day. It supports the original control conditions of mobile phones and has systematic and related problem warnings.

3. Simple installation and subsequent maintenance

It is best for the energy storage system to have simple installation, disassembly, and post-operation and maintenance steps, because any system has the possibility of failure. However, if the disassembly steps are complicated and maintenance costs are high and time is long, it will be very unsafe if it fails later.

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Post time: Nov-07-2023