TOP 10 brand inverter support battery solution is released

Our  technical is step by step finish software upgrade to support the top 10 brand inverter of the world, and also add more for customer request.Now we are release some protocol solution with RS485/CAN communication battery solution to achieve more better sevice with customer.

As an lithium ion battery manufacturer, when customers talk with us about the solar battery, no matter for the retrofit or new installation, the most frequent question is that whether your battery could communicate with the inverters (Fronius,Victron,Voltronic, Goodwe,SOFAR,SOLAX etc. ) by RS485,CAN ..,which bothers me for quite a long time, there’re so many inverter brands in the market, how could we have the protocols of each inverter? Why does the inverter companies design their own different protocols? And what’s the exact protocol?

This things keep humming in my mind, the first thing I thought is lead acid battery, there’s no BMS for this type of battery, not to mention communication, but it works with all the inverters. Then I checked with many inverter engineers. If my battery don’t have protocol of the inverter, and I want to the battery to work with this inverter as lead acid, is it working? The answer is Yes,which makes me quite happy.

Then what’s the holy grail of protocol? After getting two protocols from two famous brands,I got it. Let’s check it out.


 This is almost the same with the BMS function.Below attached the BMS function.


Then we could say an extra BMS is integrated to the inverter, an second protection is added for the battery, it’s good that the battery could be protected twice, but it causes a lot of troubles for battery producers. Since the battery already has its own BMS, and all the battery systems could be equipped with display, you could get anything you want about the battery status, as we know the rule “The Simpler the Better”, the main role for BMS is extending the life of battery, more extra things are added, it’s easier to cause problems. I would recommend that we could ignore the communication, and use it as lead acid battery, then the battery could fit all the inverters.


Post time: Dec-26-2021