New-Product-Launch Lifepo4 stack energy storage system battery

IHT launched its latest product,51.2V Lifepo4 stack battery. The stack battery consist of upto 5 pieces of lithium battery modules and the control box,the latest and fashion case,Modular design avails independent maintenance and quick installation & easy operation.


It’s 485/232/Can optional communication output for monitoring, Built-in BMS with Charging current limitation. Automatic protection for over-charge, over-discharge and over-temperature conditions. State of charge (SOC)and state of health (SOH)indication. Built-in battery control for efficient operation,Internal cell balancing Integrated Smart IC,Compatible with standard Telecom rectifiers.


The battery pack integrates a smart battery management and monitoring module, support for remote centralized  monitoring and remote battery management and maintenance , to satisfy the demands of unattended.


The battery system application for Householding, industrial & commercial backup system, easy installation and so on.


Post time: Mar-25-2022