IHT Battery launches a new series of lithium iron phosphate batteries

Ironhorse Technology(IHT) is a battery solution designer, manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Shenzhen,China. It provides battery solutions for various industries and has launched a series of lithium blue LiFePO4 batteries for the leisure marine industry.
According to IHT, these batteries are a major upgrade from lead-acid batteries. Their weight is reduced by half, the charging speed is increased by five times, and they can be charged at any time without affecting capacity or overall performance. The service life of lithium batteries is 10 times longer than that of AGM deep-cycle batteries.
In addition, the charging speed of lithium iron phosphate batteries is twice as fast as standard lithium batteries.
The battery can be monitored on connected devices through the Lithium Bluetooth app(optional), which allows users to access the battery's charging status, voltage, operating current, temperature, and diagnostic details 24/7.
The batteries are available in standard BCI G24 and GC12 sizes and are suitable for 12 volt models for deep cycle boat applications; in addition, 12 volt, 24 volt and 36 volt models can be used for trolling motor applications.
Andrew, President of Ironhorse, summed up these advantages in a statement: "Although the initial purchase of lithium batteries is more expensive than lead-acid batteries, their total cost of ownership is lower," Andrew said. "It takes two lead-acid batteries to reach the usable capacity of one lithium blue battery, and its service life is the same as that of up to ten sets of the same lead-acid batteries.
"In order to obtain lithium batteries, the boat people doubled the initial cost of lead-acid batteries, but they repeated purchases 10 times more times than replacing old batteries to obtain the same usable capacity... lithium blue batteries, "Andrew said.
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Post time: Dec-08-2021