48V Smart-Li battery system,Lifepo4 battery,Mixed installation with lead-acid batteries. telecom DC-DC smart battery

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Model No.:IHT-S-48100
The IHT-S-48100  Smart-Li battery  system for telecom. Lifepo4 battery,Mixed installation with lead-acid batteries. telecom DC-DC smart battery

The EnerSmart-Li series of intelligent lithium batteries are specially developed for the 5G communication market. They use lithium iron phosphate cells and integrate intelligent BMS and battery optimizer inside. The product supports the autonomous control of battery charge and discharge voltage/current, which solves the problem of bias current and circulating current in the parallel system of lithium batteries. In addition, this product supports the intelligent mix of old and new lithium batteries and lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries, and can participate in intelligent peak shaving and off-peak power consumption, which greatly saves initial investment and improves investment yield.

The application field :

Backup Power Supply For FTTB、FTTH、ONU、EPON

applicable to stable grid, half-grid and other scenes


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Manufacture Process With High Quality Manufacture


1.Choose the right battery cells, for different request and dimension, we could select the right battery cells, cylindrical cells or prismatic cells, mainly LiFePO4 cells. Only newly A grade cells used.


2.Grouping the battery with the same capacity and SOC, ensure battery packs have good performance.


3.select the right working current connection busbar, welding the cells at the right way


4.BMS assembly, assemble the right BMS to the battery packs.


5.LiFePO4 battery packs put into the metal Case before testing


6.Product finished


7.Product stacted and ready for packing


8.Wood box Stronger Packing

LFP48V Smart-Li battery  system battery Advantages

1.It supports the mixed use of different types.new and old lithium batteries and lithium batteries with different capacities

2. Long battery life (up to 3 times the battery life of a conventional battery)

3.High performance BMS module meets constant current, constant voltage and constant power output.

4.BMS system can accurately detect battery SOC and SOH

5.Multiple anti-theft solutions(optional):software, gyroscope, material.

6.Meet the demand of 57V boost

7.Superior temperature characteristics: the panel adopts die casting

8.Aluminum scheme, self cooling and no noise, and the working temperation


IHT-S-48100 48V Lithium battery Application

1.home energy storage system battery.
2.telcom power backup.
3.off grid solar system.
4.Energy storage backup.
5.Others battery backup request.


Product Tech Specs



discharge curves

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Dimensions & Application


Solar system energy storage

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  • Technical Parameters Item Parameters
    Nominal voltage 48V(adjustable voltage,adjustable range 40V~57V)
    Rated capacity 100Ah(C5 ,0.2C to 40V at 25 ℃ )
    Operating voltage range 40V-60V
    Boost charge/Float charge voltage 54.5V/52.5V
    Charging current (current-limiting ) 10A(adjustable)
    Charging current (Maximum) 100A
    Discharge current (Maximum) 100A
    Discharge cut-off voltage 40V
    Dimensions(WxHxD) 442x133x450
    Weight About 4±1kg
    2. Function Description
    Installation method Rack mounted / Wall mounted
    Communication interface RS485*2/Dry contact*2
    Indicator state ALM/RUN/SOC
    Parallel communication Maximum support for sets of parallel
    Terminal stud M6
    Alarm and protection
    Over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, overload, over
    current, over temperature, low temperature protection, etc.
    3. Working Condition
    Cooling mode Self-cooling
    Altitude ≤4000m
    Humidity 5%-95%
    Operating temperature Charge:-5℃~+45℃
    Recommended operating
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